Tonight You’re Mine – Kayley Loring

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The first time I saw Aimee Gilpin walk into a bar, it was love at first sight. She looks nothing like the women I usually go for, and everything like the woman I’d want to come home to every night. Then my best friend showed up and I had to let him pursue her. It was the right thing to do as a friend and business partner, but the wrong thing to do for my heart.

The second time I see Aimee walk into a bar, she has finally convinced my friend that she isn’t interested, and I was planning on drinking myself into oblivion to avoid calling her. She probably thinks I hate her. I tried to.

Tomorrow I’ll deal with my best friend and the company we built with his money and my brains.

Tonight, she’s mine.


The first time I saw Chase McKay at a bar, I thought I’d met the man of my dreams—I just didn’t recall the man of my dreams looking like the lead singer of a grunge band. Then as soon his friend showed up, Chase bolted like I was his worst nightmare.

The second time I see him in a bar, I can tell by the look in his eyes that we both regret his choice that first night. He has no idea that I just started working for the company that their company is about to start working with.

I don’t want to make things any more complicated than they already are, but I do want him like nobody’s business.

Tomorrow we’ll deal with the fact that Chase, his best friend and I will be working together.

Tonight, he’s mine.

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My review

The third book in the Brooklyn Book Boyfriends and the book I was so foolishly worried about a year ago.

Why was I worried? I didn’t know Kayley’s books that well back then (it was after reading only two of her books) so I didn’t know if it was going to be a heart-wrenching book or not. (I prefer not to read heart-wrenching books).

So let me tell you now that this book is a sweet chocolate cake with sprinkles on top and whipped cream.

It’s such a sweet book!

Chase was the man on the cover and then some!

He looked like a rockstar, but he was sweet and smart and loyal and charming, and did I say sweet?

I love those contrasting characters that look badass but are mushy and sweet. (Has anyone counted how many SWEET I wrote?)

And Aimee, what can I say about another *sweet* character?

She was a smart and strong woman who leads men to success! I don’t get to read about many female characters like that.

Do you understand now how much I loved this book?

It was ROMANTIC! I am here to read romance, and in this book, I got so many romantic moments. I said so many Awwww with a goofy smile on my face that I just didn’t want it to end!

There’s another book in the series, and for now, I’m keeping it for a rough time.

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