These Walls Can Talk 1 + 2 – Erin Mallon

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It’s totally normal to fall in love with an audiobook narrator’s voice, right?

Right. Just ask Vera, who listens to “her” guy whenever and wherever she can: while driving, working, parenting, cooking, cleaning, showering… you name it.

But now, she’s bringing him into the bedroom. And her husband is less than pleased.

‘THESE WALLS CAN TALK’ is a raucous and heartfelt love letter to romance audiobooks: the authors who write them, the narrators and engineers who record them and the passionate fans who devour them.





It’s one year later and a LOT has changed.

Audiobook superfan Vera is “in the industry” now, and Cameron is not so sure he’s onboard. Jennifer has rocketed to narrator fame, but not everyone is comfortable with her newfound status. Neil and Georgia are happily married, but their HEA is wreaking havoc on her writing career.

With The Audie Awards just around the corner, all these tensions are higher than ever. But you know who’s feeling just fine?

The Narwhal.

Because The Narwhal… is in love

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My review

I knew of Erin Melon as a narrator for audiobooks. I loved her voice and what she brings to the narration. I even interviewed her as a narrator for my blog. Then, just before I interviewed her, I discovered that she also writes books.

She has several books I have not yet read, and she has a series (or duet) of books that are, I think, meant to listen to as an audiobook. (You can read them, but the total experience is in the audiobook).

I’ll start with one-word descriptions of the audiobook I listened to – genius! Funny! Original! Fun! Exciting!

It is a short book, all two hours and a bit of listening, but it has some stories wonderfully intertwined in each other!

The book is like watching a TV show, like a show and not like a regular audiobook.

It has background voices and many narrators, and it’s like an homage to the world of narrators and authors.

It really is not worth writing much in terms of review because the book is short, and every word I write will take you from experience itself.

I will say that some of the narrators (who I really like!) made such a good performance that I see them in a different light now. They were different from what we know in the romantic novel books, and it was so special and fun that I am a hundred percent sure I will listen to this book again.

This book has a sequel, These Walls Can Talk2, and it’s about the same characters but after a year of development.

And if you think for a moment that there will be nothing to innovate in such a short book, you will be wrong. The second book is excellent, funny, interesting, and just such a good and enjoyable experience that I know I will also listen to this second book again. And again.

Several times, I have had the opportunity to recommend an audiobook to “start” the journey with it on audiobooks, but it would really be very smart to start with this book!

It’s short, it’s light, it’s fun, it’s full of great narrators, and it’s an experience that will make you fall in love with this world if it’s not happened to you yet 😍

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