The Shutout – Dianna Roman

Reviews by Yael Waknin


Sometimes love is where you least expect it, and sometimes it’s right where you left it in this slow burn to steamy friends to lovers tale.

Widower, Max Hartwell, is barely keeping it together, being a single-dad, managing his law firm, and navigating life’s chaos. Life after loss is too difficult for surprises, which is why Max would be lost without his reliable best friend and neighbor, Jack.

Best pitcher in the MLB, Jack Spears, is at the top of his game. He has it all, except for the one thing he wants most, which happens to be the one thing he can’t have if he doesn’t want his private life to overshadow his career: love. When an emotional evening reveals his biggest secret, he’s faced with losing everything that matters most to him.

Can Max see him for the man he truly is, or will Jack forever be doomed to live in the shadow of the image he created as America’s favorite pitcher?

Heartfelt and human, The Shutout is a story of friendship, loss, love, and the rough road to new beginnings.

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My review

OMG, what this book did to my heart…
It’s the third book I’ve read by this author, and she surprised me with every book.
This story about Jack and Max differed from her other MM RomComs.
Jack and Max’s story had more depth and emotions, and angst. The author wrote the story in a flowing way that sucked me in that I felt all those feelings and emotions deep in my heart.
Max was a bit difficult but not in an annoying or wrong way – he was as human and realistic as I would think a person should be in a time like this.
I think he was afraid of so many things and his survival mechanism was to act the way he did – AND IT MADE SENSE!
Jack! Oh, Jack was so sweet! So honest and so full of love! I love Jack in everything he did, didn’t do, or said. Jack was definitely my hero in this book!
I wrote a special post about the chemistry between Jack and Max because it wasn’t just HOT and sexy as hell, it was so intimate, and I really felt all those feelings between them in those private moments that it just made those scenes extra special!
Emma was a really cool kid, and I love how Alexander narrates kids! He’s amazing!
I’ve listened to both narrators in several audiobooks, but maybe it was the story, or perhaps they just gave something different, but their work in this book WAS PHENOMENAL!
I felt everything in their voices with every word, nuance, and breath. It was pure pleasure, and I honestly thought it was their best performance.
I highly recommend this book – BUT LISTEN TO THE AUDIOBOOK! IT WAS SIMPLY WOW!!

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