The Off Limits Rule – Sarah Adams

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I have found rock bottom. It’s here, moving in with my older brother because I’m too broke to afford to live on my own. But that’s okay because we’ve always been close and I think I’m going to have fun living with him again.

That is until I meet Cooper…

Turns out, my brother has very strong opinions on the idea of me dating his best friend and is dead set against it. According to him, Cooper is everything I should stay away from: flirtatious, adventurous, non-committal, and freaking hot. (I added that last part because I feel like you need the whole picture.) My brother is right, though. I should stay away from Cooper James and his pretty blue eyes. He’s the opposite of what I need right now.

Nah—Who am I kidding? I’m going for him

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My review

I’ve read this book a long time ago and only now, after listening to its audio, I decided to write a review.

First of all, I will note that this is a clean but still extremely sexy romance book.

Lucy is a single mother who moves in temporarily with her brother after leaving the city she moved to in an attempt to start a new life.

Cooper is the brother’s best friend (Drew).

But for a change (thank you, Sarah), Lucy and Cooper didn’t know each other from childhood. Cooper was Drew’s roommate for a year, and that was after Lucy had already lived in another city.

It’s refreshing to read a brother’s best friend’s story that the h hasn’t been in love with the H since childhood.

The narrators are Tor Thom and Avery Caris.

I hadn’t heard them before this book and you could say they amazed me!

They have added so much to this book that now I’m looking for more books they are narrating.

She liked Cooper as soon as she met him when she went with her brother boating and meeting a group of friends. And you know how the insecurity starts when you see beautiful women in bathing suits –  Why would he look at me? Look what beautiful girls there are here,  blah blah blah.

Cooper actually saw something in Lucy that he had not seen for a long time and it attracted him more and more.

Cooper knows she’s a single mother. And that she’s, of course, off-limits because she’s his friend’s little sister.

So back when I read this book, I loved the connection that was between Lucy and Cooper but after listening to the audiobook, I fell in love with them! Especially in Cooper! Wow, what an amazing guy he is!

There’s a little element of fake relationship here, there’s a single mom and a brother’s best friend – 3 Tropes in one book, and it still was so good!

It was a light-hearted, fun, romantic and charming book with good characters, incredible chemistry, and excellent narration!

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