Showmancing the Bone – Erin Mallon

Reviews by Yael Waknin


Wendy Finegan is a lifelong, self-professed theater nerd. When an unexpected opportunity arises to stage manage a truly awful show featuring a sexy soup maker she has secretly crushed on for years, how can she say no? But there are two rules Wendy absolutely must follow, or else the whole show could fall apart: 1. Never ever set foot onstage, and 2. Do not, under any circumstances give in to a showmance with this sexy soup man. Rule number one certainly won’t be an issue, but rule number two? Rule number two is going to be a big problem.

*This book was originally release as part of the Smartasses Anthology*

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My review

I’ve read this book as a part of the Smartasses anthology rom-com, and now I had the absolute pleasure of also listening to the audiobook, and I HAD SO MUCH FUN!

Loving Erin’s narration isn’t just “loving her narration”; it’s admiring the hell out of it!
Because listening to her narrating all of those diverse characters was a delight!
Reading those characters wasn’t the same as listening to Erin voicing each of them and giving the right edge and tone I imagined they had.
But one of my favorite things was listening to Erin narrating Laurel. It made me laugh so hard that I had to go back a few times just to hear her at the first rehearsal saying (singing) her lines!
This story was so funny and sweet and made me want to eat soup all day. I loved the colorful characters and the sweet love story (not just between Wendy and Duncan, AKA sexy soup man. And I loved that Erin thought of every little comic stuff as much as the big funny moments.
And after laughing with laurel and Maud and with every genius character in this story, Erin’s narration in the last scene (of the Souper) gave me actual chills and teary eyes.
I mean, it’s a hilarious and fun romcom, but something in that scene – and the way Erin delivered it – tugged at my heart.
I always loved Erin’s work as an author and narrator, and I think that with each book she writes and performs her work, she’s becoming one of my favorite authors and female narrators!

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