Revved to the Maxx – Melanie Moreland

Reviews by Yael Waknin


Maxx Reynolds needs help.

His shop, house, and life are all in a state of disarray.

In desperation, he turns to the internet to hire a new employee,

thinking it will make his life easier

What he expects is a fellow named Charly.

What he gets is a quirky, sassy, red-head named

Charlynn who runs circles around him.

And she’s all woman.

He can’t stand her.

He can’t keep his hands off her either

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My review

I saw a recommendation in a reading group on Facebook about this book, I’ve read the synopsis and decided to try it on audiobook.

The book is about Max and Charlie.

Maxx owns a garage in the suburbs of Canada and is looking for someone to help him with housework and the garage. The job includes residence.

He posts an ad on the site, and Charlie responds to that message.

Charlie’s name is Charlynn, but everyone calls her Charlie, so her username is Charlie.

They talk, arguing a bit about the nature of the ad he wrote. Maxx thinks he’s talking to a man named Charlie.

Charlie thinks she’s talking to an old, grumpy man.

She finally decides she needs money and wants to work for him.

Maxx really needs help, so he hires him (he thinks it’s a man!).

They arrange to meet at the bus stop and imagine Maxx’s surprise he saw Charlie, and she was a woman!

And not only that … it turns out they met the day before.

The story was so beautiful, with great characters, a unique plot, and great dialogues.

Charlynn (Charlie)’s character was refreshing compared to Max’s rugged character.

Max was the Grumpy I love to love 😊

At first, I thought I wouldn’t continue listening after they met for the first time, but something in Maxx’s attitude intrigued me, and I had to keep listening.

Of course, once the book progressed, I could no longer stop.

I loved that the plot was not one big cliché. I loved that the writer gave us a little from everything we love to read and yet didn’t do so to the extent that I felt too much.

So, in my opinion, the book was not only good… it was close to perfect!

I will add that the audiobook version was so good! The narrators (John Lane and Maxine Mitchell) were fantastic, and If I would have read the book (Instead of listening), I don’t think I would’ve pictured it better in my head.

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