Reckless Obsession – Samantha Christy

Reviews by Yael Waknin


Music is my life.

It’s kept me breathing.

Even when I couldn’t eat, sleep, or sing, I could still write songs.

It’s the only thing that has saved me from going crazy.

Until the day Reckless Alibi decides to hire a girl.

Suddenly, everything from my past comes rushing back to me.

And now she’s there. For every rehearsal. Every show. Every moment. Every song.

We were supposed to be a boy band.

Now everything has changed.

I’m still breathing … but I’m sure as hell no longer sane.

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My review

Okay wow.

I chose to start with the word wow because I read this book without any prejudice, without knowing the author, and just waited to see how I would feel.

From the first pages, I realized that this book would be full of twists, full of interest, chemistry, and great love!

Bria is the backup singer of a very well-known band. The band’s warm-up band is the Reckless Alibi with the lead singer Crew.

Reckless Alibi offers Bria to join their band, but it seems that Crew is not really interested.

I think Bria started out as a pretty innocent and weak character, and as the book progressed, so did she – and let’s face it, a character that expands and develops with the book is exactly what we want to see.

I really liked learning about Crew’s past as we go back in time a few years. When you read a story and know that there is a difficult past for one of the characters, sometimes it’s not easy to understand and connect when we read in retrospect about what happened, and that’s why I really like the chapters we went back in time and along with the character we experienced all the good, the bad and what made him who he is today.

The chemistry between Bria and Crew was good because it did not start with only physical attraction. You could feel that there was something beyond.

Throughout the book we learn that Crew is licking his wounds from his past. Isn’t it true that we usually try to guess what happened to the hero in situations like this? (Or to the heroine). We are trying to connect the parts we already know, even though we are only at the beginning of the book or the middle of the book.

So, it happens to me a lot; I usually try to think about what could have already happened to the hero or heroine that brought them to the situation they are in, and most of the time – I’m not wrong.

This time – I was wrong! The writer surprised me! Because everything I thought was going to happen (in Crew’s past)- happened differently! The writer did not go for the familiar past that we are all already reciting from sleep – she created a new world.

It’s a story full of pain, loss, hopes, dreams, memories, art, music, lyrics, and great true love!


Highly recommended book!

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