Presidential Chaos – Saxon James

Reviews by Yael Waknin


Two houses. Two Presidents. One hell of a happy ending.


Being President of a frat house means everything is on my shoulders.

Idiot brothers, epic pranks, a list of organizational duties long enough to make my eyes bleed.

None of it fazes me.

But senior year is almost over, and I’m ready to take a step back.

Until the hazing rumors start.

I might not know where they’re coming from, but I know they’re total BS.

Now, instead of dialing back the stress, we’ve broken the number one rule on the row: Don’t get the dean’s attention.

I need to find out who’s driving the lies.

And all evidence points to one person.



I never wanted to become Kappa President.

The appointment was made easier, though, when none other than Zeke Ariston took over Sigma house. I’ve always been … drawn to him.


And maybe a little attracted too.

Pity I’ve never been more than an afterthought to him.

But when rumors start to circulate about hazing, and the sources lead back to my house, it puts me square on Zeke’s radar.

I want to help him get to the bottom of it all.

And with his attention finally on me, I want to tell him how I feel.

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My review

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

The third book in the Frat Wars series and the book I’ve been waiting for since the *first* book!

The two frat presidents, Zeke and Charles, were a mystery to me throughout the first and second book, and somehow, I knew their story would be the winner!

Frat Wars is a funny, swoony, sexy, super-steamy MM series. The third book was a little bit more than that.

Zeke and Charles’s story was captivating!

It has so many heartfelt moments to tug at my heart and give me all the feels!

Charles was so sweet! He was one of those characters you cannot LOVE with all your heart!

But the real surprise was Zeke! His calm personality and seemingly unaffected ways were what he wanted us to see.

What Charles brought out of Zeke was the real Zeke, and both of them together were something I wasn’t expecting! Something that made my heart explode with love!

Everything was so emotional and beautiful; it felt so intense. So powerful.

Their chemistry was out of this world!

I’ve read several books by this author. I’ve read several books in different series by this author, and I love her writing and style.

I loved every single one of her books.

But this book right here is BY FAR HER BEST WORK YET!

I don’t want to let them go! Never!

I don’t think I need to keep writing more about this book because I’ll ruin your journey with this incredible story (I envy everyone who just started reading it)

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