Power Plays & Straight A’s – Eden Finley, Saxon James

Reviews by Yael Waknin



“Look out for Zach and don’t hit on him.”

My brother’s request sounds easy enough. Keep an eye out for his best friend on campus and keep my hands to myself.


Even if Zach is a quintessential nerd, who I’ve always thought was cute, I don’t have the time to think with my … stick.

There’s only one stick I should be focused on this year, and that’s my hockey stick. My goal once I graduate is to get an NHL contract.

The last thing I need is a distraction. On or off the ice.

Only, keeping to the rules is harder than I thought it would be.



People confuse me.

And no one more than Foster Grant.

I’ve barely spoken two words to him in the whole time I’ve known him, but the second I step foot on campus, he’s impossible to shake.

I can never anticipate his next move. And whenever we’re together, my next move is a total mystery as well.

I want to give in to him, but that might mean coming clean about something I’ve never been bothered about before.

I’m still carrying my V-card.

And I think it’s time to turn it in

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My review

My very first book of the co-authors and I have to say how I LOVE their style!

Zach was the perfect character of the nerdy gay guy I really wanted to read about.

The lack of confidence, hesitation, and willingness to explore and discover new things were so full of emotions and different from Foster’s character.

Foster was strong-minded and chilled about almost everything. He had the confidence Zach needed, and they were so amazingly perfect together!

I really loved Zach! He was so sweet and a little naïve. I loved what Foster made him feel and what he felt himself.

I think this book was so great because it felt like a real story.

One character was so different from the other, and they evolved little by little when they got together.

I’m really intrigued about the following books in the series, and I’m starting the second one – RIGHT NOW!

Book 1 – Power Plays & Straight A’s

Book 2 – Face Offs & Cheap Shots

Book 3 – Goal Lines & First Times

Book 4 – Line Mates & Study Dates

Book 5 – Puck Drills & Quick Thrills

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