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Nash Ellis knows music. Producing, performing, writing—if it involves the creative process he’s there for it. He knows nothing about copy machines. Or financial reports. Or anything related to the stuck-up business world his best friends have been chasing since they were kids. But Nash also needs money, so when his roommate gets him a paid internship at Reedweather Media, he reluctantly agrees. At least his know-it-all intern competitor is kind of cute in a nerdy-librarian sort of way—especially when she’s being tormented by an angsty rocker she can’t stand.

The only thing Paige Andrews hates more than failure? Nash Ellis. She has little patience for incompetence and zero tolerance for indifference. He clearly doesn’t belong in their corporate world, so why does he insist on ruining her dream job? And the worst part—he’s not what he seems. In fact, it’s all the things he’s hiding behind those electric blue eyes that make him straight-up captivating in an ironic-slacker sort of way.

But their smoldering friction bursts into open flames when the feuding interns are forced into a high-stakes mission that requires intimate knowledge of the music industry. Yep, what could go wrong when the least-qualified candidate to ever walk the halls of a major corporation becomes their only hope of success?

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My review

I was NOT expecting that!

I’ve listened the first book of this series which is also by this author and it was good, I loved it so I was really excited to start with this one.

But this one was a little different from the first one. Different how? Well – IT WAS REALLY REALLY FUNNY!!

but let’s start this review from the beginning…

I actually wondered about Nash from the first book and turned out he’s ever better than I thought. Nash was such a sensitive guy with a heart of gold and he had a sharp mind and a deep wounded soul.

Paige surprised me because I thought she’s something else at the beginning, but she turned out to be a great sister, a reliable friend a loving person and her inner monologues made me laugh so hard!!

Every dialogue that includes Nash, Paige and Chad – I WAS CRYING FROM LAUGHTER.

That was so funny! I’m writing this review while remembering some things and I’m still laughing at it!! That was so good!

With all those funny parts the author gave us emotional moments that made my heart hurts, and all I wanted was to be there and sit with Nash, just to be next to him to show him that he’s not alone.

Nash and Paige together? Pfff yeah, that was smoking hot! That was really freaking HOT and intimate! Really Intimate! I loved those scenes because of the spice and the intimacy. It was incredible! 

I can’t wait to find out about Nate! And I wonder if Val gets a book? 

P.S loved the Hive studio (Tom’s from Smart Mouth) mention!!

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