Plain Jane: Beastly Pursuits – Rebecca Rayne

Reviews by Yael Waknin


Enemies to friends, to lovers?

Beth – Make-up Artist

Broken-hearted, I vetoed love, but every girl needs a fantasy man and mine was Tom Austin.

When I ended up doing his makeup, my heart dropped.

After a disastrous start, I was a mess – so why bother trying to impress?

Lucky for me, looks aren’t everything. I called him Mr Rochester; he was grumpy, rude and couldn’t remember my name!

But then he made me laugh, and we became friends.

Shame, he’d never be interested in me… Not romantically!

Tom – Actor

When I first met, what was her name – Jane? The first thing I noticed was her gaudy clothes, and a hat pulled over her eyes.

After a few weeks, I was intrigued by who hid behind Joseph’s coat.

The damn woman made me feel so young, and I couldn’t stop playing tricks

Getting a reaction from her became my goal.

When my ex noticed our friendship, the press called her the Beast.

Good job I didn’t fancy her, or did I?

Love between an ordinary girl and a heartthrob? WE said it could never work! But it could be fun trying…

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My review

I voluntarily read this book for an exchange to an honest review.

It’s my first book by this author and I actually didn’t know what to expect because there’s 4 books in this series (all about the same couple) which it’s something I’m not a fan of.

But, the synopsis sounded interesting so I had to try.

This book is about Beth AKA Jane and Tom AKA Mr Rochester. If those AKA names sounds familiar you’re gonna enjoy all this “homage” to the Jane Eyre \ Jane Austen’s books.

The writing itself was so unique and different!

I’ve read so many books and I have never read anything like this in contemporary romance.

It was like reading an historical romance with the language from 1800 but in the 21th century!

The side characters were so wonderful and added to this whole unique story!

But Jane and Tom were the most sweet, innocent, fragile and amusing couple ever!

I don’t know how to describe Tim and Jane and the story without ruining this for you.

It really wasn’t an ordinary book. The story, the dialogues, the inner mind for both characters – it was all so unique, different yet so appealing and fun and sweet and so lovely!

Even though I did got angry at times about the whole “plain Jane” and the way everyone describe her but that was part of the book uniqueness, I think.

 I think that every old-fashioned romance lover needs to read this book.

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