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Did you know the medical term for a butt crack is intergluteal cleft?

My name is Reagan, and spouting random facts like this one at inopportune moments is my affliction. I’m chronically awkward, socially inept and completely lack a filter. Believe it or not, men do not find these attractive traits.

When my sexy-as-sin neighbour barges into my apartment at the arse crack of dawn, everything changes. For some strange reason, my brand of crazy doesn’t send him running for the hills. Instead, he settles in for a nap on my couch…

Oh, and did I mention he was completely naked?

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My review

First Book in the Awkward Series

When I was looking for a romantic comedy on Amazon, I came across this book, and let me tell you this – I found a treasure!

Not just this book but the author in general – I’ve read several of her books since this one, and each one is high on my list.

Right from the beginning, this book made me laugh! There is humor that you can only see on TV. Yet, somehow the writer managed to convey that humor to the book – it was like seeing with my own eyes their reactions when something happened (e.g., when Reagan fainted from the blood). I laughed with such pleasure from the beginning that I knew it would only get better.

It’s a short book – 130 pages in Kindle, and it’s the only thing that sucks in this book – that it has no more pages! But the fun doesn’t end here because we encounter this couple in the following books in the series (thank God).

Reagan – One of the better characters I’ve ever read. I love these clumsy characters so much that they stumble because of something and curse because they got a painful hit from their clumsiness (I’ll admit, I’m exactly like that).

But despite Reagan’s clumsiness, her tactlessness – she says everything she is thinking – she’s fantastic! She was stunning, honest, and exceptional.

Let’s move to our hero, Rath – he took his past a little too hard and, like any man in our books – doesn’t want a relationship because of it. But when he is acquainted with Reagan, the way he is understanding of her “craziness,” the admiration that he slowly feels for her, and the love he did not expect – Everything was incredibly charming.

Together they were so funny, so fun and so sexy and romantic!

This book opened a series full of pleasure, and I highly recommend it!

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