Passions Fulfilled – Ayla Asher

Reviews by Yael Waknin


What if your soulmate had been right in front of you the whole time?

Justine Lancaster made every possible mistake in her disastrous marriage. After finally leaving her abusive ex-husband, she forges ahead, creating a new life with her daughter. Although she craves companionship, she wonders if she has the foundation to try dating after her traumatic past.

Police officer Gary Lincoln fell in love with Justine somewhere between the end of his divorce and the first time he showed up on her doorstep with a deep need to protect her from her husband. After silently loving her for years, he continues to watch over Justine and her daughter, knowing they deserve happiness…and understanding a woman as special as Justine deserves more than he can give.

As their friendship grows, Justine observes the desire simmering in Gary’s deep brown eyes and wonders why he holds back. Determined to find out, she discovers the secret Gary has been keeping and sets out to prove she’ll stop at nothing until both their passions are fulfilled.

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My review

ARC received in exchange for an honest review

In the Ardor Creek series, we’ve read about real-life characters with real-life issues. We’ve had a widower, an addiction, abuse, infertility, and bullying. The author did not disappoint with this book and gave us a story of something I haven’t read in any other book!

We met Justin in book number 3, Mark and Teresa’s book; she is Mark’s sister.

In book three, we learned that she was in an abusive relationship and got out of it in a challenging way.

In the same book, we also met Gary, the cop who keeps a close eye on Justin and her daughter Avery.

Justine was fearless and strong. She was so put together after everything she went through. She was so sweet, caring and I liked the determination she had. It’s admirable to see women going after what they want.

Gary was so amazing! I could understand his fear and self-doubt. He was more realistic compare to Justin, but we all know that the opposite attract. Sort of.

Justin and Gary’s connection was inevitable – and rightly so!

Justin deserves to be in a good and healthy relationship, and Gary also deserves to be with someone the accepts him just the way he is.

Like all the stories of Ardor Creek’s couples, Justin and Gary’s story was so realistic, and it was like sitting next to a couple of friends and hearing how they met, how they are getting along while seeing how much they care for each other.

Maybe because this author also writes (in a different pen name) fantasy books, she’s giving us the sometimes harsh reality in this series but with HEA, of course.

I loved their understanding, acceptance, patient relationship.

I loved to catch up with the group of friends we met in the previous books – always fun to visit heroes after finishing their stories.

And I loved that I knew even before the end of the book who would be the next couple in the series!

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series!

For those who haven’t yet read a book from the Ardor Creek series, start from the beginning – with Ashlyn and Scott – and get ready to fall in love with a large group of friends that are funny, loyal, and loving!

I wish this series will go on and on and on….

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