Oops, I’ve Fallen – Max Monroe

Reviews by Yael Waknin


If my time with Ryan Miller were a hit track on the radio, I imagine the lyrics would go something like this…

“We’re so different, but they say opposites attract. Oops, I’ve fallen, and my heart doesn’t want to come back.”

But, holy bingo night, is my attraction to the sexy, broody businessman so much more complicated than the chorus of a song.

His dad lives right next to my mom, and after the two of them suffered an unexplained accident while taking down holiday decorations, both Ryan and I were forced to become the only thirtysomething residents of Sunny Creek Village Independent Senior Living Community.

Temporarily moving in might seem like overkill for a fractured tailbone and a severely pulled groin muscle, but believe me, when your mom is as wild as mine and your dad is as cantankerous as Ryan’s, they need supervision to ensure they stick to doctor’s orders.

Constantly thrown together by the antics of our crazy parents and the tough-as-nails community enforcer, Betty Matthews, Ryan and I formed an alliance for the sole purpose of survival.

But I never expected to be so interested in finding out what he was hiding beneath his grumpy, serious demeanor. More than that, I never dreamed what I found would be the kind of man women sell their souls to the devil for.

Unfortunately, our little one-hit wonder on the airwaves has more to say before it comes to an end.

Although, finishing the outro to this song is a real doozy…

Tell me…what lyric rhymes with Oops, I’ve fallen for my future stepbrother

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My review

You know that feeling when you see the name of a book and do not understand its meaning.  You see a cover and still don’t understand the hustle and bustle there, but despite that, there is something small and insignificant in the synopsis that attracts you? So that’s what happened to me with this book.

And not only did the name of the book become clear to me later (and it is quite witty !!), the amusing cover also makes more sense.

This book is about Ryan – Sal’s son, who lives in a fenced community of senior citizens. Ryan is 39-year-old, serious, responsible, honest, and doesn’t take any risks.

And Carly – Stella’s daughter, who lives in the same community as Sal, is a spontaneous, funny woman who doesn’t like to follow the rules.

Opposites attract, right? You have no idea.

Carly is a free spirit who left a job at one of the Fortune 500 companies in New York and moved to the mountains to teach skiing! She loves freedom and open spaces. She also likes to get up after eight in the morning.

Ryan works for a very respectable company in New York. He is constantly on the phone or computer to talk to employees or customers, and he is as stressed as… (you know the saying). He is neat, organized, planned, loves rules, and drives up to the speed limit, not one mile higher!

Where do Carly and Ryan meet? What’s the question, in their parents’ retirement community. Why did they both get there? You must read this joke on your own in the book!

Aside from the emerging story between Ryan and Carly (who, by the way, God, they are so sweet !!), there is a story in the retirement community.

Stella and Sal are not just neighbors. Stella and Sal do not know just by chance. Stella and Sal are the second couple in this story and even have their POV throughout the book. Not much, maybe twice for each one, but it’s very different than usual, and it’s a really refreshing change. And fun.

The story made me laugh, left me curious through it, made me want to get to know Ryan and Carly a little more separately or together. Add the annoying old Betty Matthews in the community, and you have a book that is undoubtedly one of the most fun books to read.

And if you think one reading was enough for me? You are right and wrong.

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