My Ex’s Wedding – Annabelle Costa

Reviews by Yael Waknin


“You’re going to pay me two-thousand dollars to go to a wedding??”


I was engaged to the girl of my dreams.

Then a tragic accident took away my whole life.

Now she’s going to marry another man. Not just any man–the biggest asshole I ever met. But he can give her the life I can’t. Time to accept it and move on.

Except why did I agree to go to the wedding? And worse, why did I tell her I was bringing a date??


I am so freaking broke.

My gigs as a comedian don’t pay the bills. Not yet, anyway. So when I get canned from my waitressing job, I’m in big trouble.

But then a stranger in a business suit offers me a wad of cash. The job? Pretend to be his brother’s girlfriend for a wedding in Vegas.

Except it turns out my fake boyfriend and I have met before.

He’s a different man now, but he’s still as drop-dead handsome as I remember. He still makes my knees weak. And there’s one other thing that hasn’t changed:

He’s still hung up on his ex

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My review

I chose this book because I know the author and some of her good books. I loved the synopsis, and so far, she has written several books that have a (mostly male) disabled character in one form or another, and I really like those kind of books.

Alex is disabled from the neck down – which actually interested me because it’s a limitation that sounds pretty serious, and I was very excited to read a love story that has such a disability. but…

Alex made sense most of the time except for his ex. I have a hard time with his obsession with the ex. I love the fake relationship for an ex’s wedding to prove “I got over you” blah blah, but in this case, Alex wanted to go to his ex’s wedding to separate the couple, and it’s already to match.

What’s more, if we already do such a story and bring us the heroine as a character who is supposed to turn the man around and make him regret wanting to return to the ex or ruin the ex’s wedding – here it was still weak compared to his obsession with the ex. Alex’s attraction, communication, and thoughts towards Nellie (the heroine) were very remote compared to all the effort and energy he put into his ex.

And despite all that, Nellie was tremendous. She was funny (a real comedian), and finally, there is a new occupation here for the female character. (Another book I read that has a comedian in it is – Funny Business)

I so wanted to love this book. I so wanted to connect with Alex and his story and his tragedy, but I could not. I could not help but see before my eyes this unhealthy obsession with the ex.

Not to be confused, I understand the name of the book and the synopsis gave preparation for the matter, but for me, it was supposed to be the background – the wedding was supposed to be in the background the desire for the ex should be in the background, and the center was supposed to be the relationship built between the heroes – and it was not the case.

Another note – I love covers like this book has. Those that are in good taste and hint at things about the book. I did not see this cover as something problematic until I decided to read the book. We as readers do not always delve into the cover in all its meanings and elements (many times I looked at every detail in the cover * after * I finished the book), but before the reading, something should catch our eye and make us start with the book.

After reading the book, I realized that the cover does not match the content of this book.

And if it’s not clear – I DNF the book – not recommended

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