Knock Out – Jiffy Kate

Reviews by Yael Waknin


In the blink of an eye, Willow Bernard goes from stocking shelves at the Piggly Wiggly to kicking butt at Viking MMA.

Willow Bernard has taken a lot of hits in her twenty-two years but always manages to come back swinging. Hoping to fly under the radar for a change, she relocates to Green Valley. Her strategy works until one fateful phone call initiates a series of events that shakes up her quiet existence.

Tattooed adventure-seeker Ozzi Erickson goes where the wind takes him. When he blows into Green Valley for his big brother’s wedding—and to figure out his next move—he isn’t prepared for the knock-out punch coming his way.

With Ozzi sticking around the Tennessee mountain town, his brother gives him a temporary assignment as Willow Bernard’s trainer.

His job is to teach her how to fight. But will she have the skills required to protect her heart?

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My review

I was NOT ready for this!
I was not ready to fall in love with the hero AND the heroine of this book!
Willow was probably the strongest heroine I’ve met lately – physically and emotionally!
I admire the shit out of her! And I’ve read stories with the tough heroine, but with Willow, it was something else; it wasn’t that she was tough, and that’s it, NO! Willow was a real-life fighter and A REAL-LIFE FIGHTER! She was also honest and independent< she had a heart of gold, and she was so freaking admirable that I really don’t want to add a description because I want you to get to know her on your own.
Ozzi was no different in the honesty part, and I really loved that about him. He was honest from the beginning, and it was a refreshing change. Ozzi’s feelings were in every little thing he did, and you know that actions speak louder than words…
I think Ozzi was sweet, kind, and genuine, and I loved everything he did and didn’t do. I really loved Ozzi because he was always honest.
Ozzi and Willow together? It was so beautiful and sweet that when I got to the steamy parts, I knew it’d be HOT!!
This book was so beautiful, and it made me smile and emotional simultaneously – I loved Willow and Ozzi and catching up with all the Erickson gang! I loved the book! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!

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