Iris – Eden Finley

Reviews by Yael Waknin


Mike Bravo. Knights in shining … camo.


I live for adrenaline. The thrill of the chase. And because I work for Mike Bravo, a private black-ops firm, it’s my job to go into dangerous situations.

But when we’re called in to extract a military team from a hostile situation, the thrill is so much better. Because one of those men happen to be the golden boy from my basic training days.

Brock “Saint” Harlow was a walking Captain America in the flesh. The perfect soldier.

Now my boss wants to recruit him, and I can’t wait to rub it in his face that he was rescued by me. The class clown.

I’m not called Iris “I require intense supervision” for nothing.


Military life is all I’ve known since I was born. I was raised to be a soldier.

But when a top-secret mission fails, I find myself suddenly discharged with nowhere to go.

Mike Bravo saved my life, and they want me to join them, but there’s one small problem.

Isaac “Iris” Griffin.

He’s as irresistibly snarky as he always was, only there’s a big difference this time. I’m no longer closeted or scared to live my truth. And the truth is, I’ve always wanted him.

It’s against Mike Bravo’s rules to fraternize with other team members, and I always follow orders.

But something tells me Iris might be worth the insubordination

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My review

ARC review

After reading the CU Hockey series Eden co wrote with Saxon James I was so intrigued to read her solo book.

The story of Iris and Saint was so unique and intense all while so sweet and light it really surprised me!

There was something so strong and powerful in Saint’s struggle and fear that really entered my heart.

I thought I loved Iris in the beginning of the book but as the book progressed I saw the real character that lies beneath the surface and he was absolutely AMAZING!

He was so supportive, smart, funny, loving and truly a wonderful person who gave Saint life!

When I’m searching for word to describe how I feel after reading this I feel my heart beats fast and I have a huge smile on my face because this story had it all!

It’s a story about ex-military black ops team that was so full of emotions, struggle, pain, suspense, sensitivity, fun banter, humor and hot AF scenes!

What more could you ask for?

Well, you can ask and I’m sure Eden will supply!

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