IOU – Kristy Marie

Reviews by Yael Waknin



It’s official.

I, Ainsley James, am crazy.

Desperate and crazy.

It’s the only explanation as to why I’m nauseous, standing outside Maverick Lexington’s door.

I mean, it’s possible the stories about his deck of playing cards—with the words IOU scrawled across the back—are just rumors of the ruthless quid pro quo deals he barters.

But the flutters in my stomach know better.

Maverick is as cold as they come.

But, I need one of those cards.

I NEED to owe Maverick Lexington a favor…

Whatever the terms, I’m willing to pay.

Because, at this point, I have nothing left to lose

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My review

I haven’t read the book’s blurb at all, and I am not sure I can summarize the story, but I can recommend it!

From the first page, I already knew that Ainsley is a character I’d love, and I was absolutely right. She’s not a fool, she’s smart, she’s a fighter, she’s honest (sometimes 😉), and she’s simply fun.

Maverick – It’s hard for me to write just a few words about Maverick. A tough guy who intentionally scares others and does everything to make people afraid of him even though from the beginning, I saw sparks of tenderness, caring, humanity, and love.

Fun to read such characters like an onion, each page or each episode takedown layer after layer until you reach your true self.


It was a special slow burn; how? Just magic that the writer knows how to do.

I love Slow Burn books, and here, the writer, in a brilliant and clever way, led us slowly to both be drawn to the story and be drawn to the characters while feeling the steaminess without any of them talking about sex at all – crazy.

The book was good, original, unique, and quite witty. Something in this book just worked. I did not feel like I was reading about a young couple or a young love. There was so much beyond here. There was depth, maturity, intellect, wit, and love.

It’s an excellent story, and when you think it is expected, you get a tiny but significant twist.

Highly recommend!

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