Interview with narrator Sofia Lette

With Yael Waknin

Questions for narrator Sofia Lette

1 – How did you come to narrate romantic novels?

I met the incredible Andi Arndt when she held an audiobook workshop that I attended in Sydney, Australia. She was pivotal in my move into the audiobook world and romance in particularly – most of my romance titles are all through Lyric Audiobooks!

2 – Have you narrated books from different genres?

Yes but under a different name 😊

3 – What was the most fun \ easy book you narrated?

All of them! The Awkward Girls series by JB Heller was an absolute hoot though. Short and sweet with some great lol moments.

4 – What are the preparations you make before each project? Do you read the whole book in advance? Do you rehearse out loud before the recording itself? or maybe something else?

I read the whole book, mostly taking character notes. I speak out loud as I go from time to time to play around with character voices and get a feel for what I will do once I’m in the booth. I think it’s important to get an idea of the overall dynamic of the book so you know where the highs and lows are, where you need to build to the climax – literally and figuratively! 😉 – to be able to take the audience on the ride with you.

5 – Is there a genre \ book \ character that you won’t agree to narrate? If so – why?

Dark romance that involves non-consensual sexual acts, domestic violence and coercive control.

6 – How long does it take you to record an entire book?

It depends on it’s length, amount of characters and accents – I record faster in my native Australian accent. It could be anywhere between the 2-2.5 hr per finished recorded hour mark.

7 – Are you working on more than one book at a time?

I record one book at a time but might start prepping another while still recording one.

8 – What is the genre you like to read in your free time?

I like a variety of genres but I probably lean towards mystery the most – and romance of course! Join them together? Perfection.

9 – Is there a writer you particularly like? To read or to work with

I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing writers being so early on in my narrating career. TL Swan and JB Heller are both fantastic Australian writers and I love supporting my fellow countrywomen so it felt great to tell their stories.

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About the narrator

Sofia Lette is a pseudonym I use for my romance narration 😊 I live in a beautiful part of Australia and am grateful to share my home with my little family. I’ve spent most of my career working professionally as an actor and singer before discovering audiobook narration which I have now been doing more regularly for about a year. The art of story telling is something I am passionate about, regardless of the medium used, and I absolutely love bringing books to life for others to enjoy.

One of my favourite things to do is spend a day exploring in nature with my husband and two young boys. We are lucky to live in an area brimming with natural wonders and there’s always a new adventure waiting for us.

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