Interview with narrator Kelsey Navarro

With Yael Waknin

Questions for narrator Kelsey Navarro

1 – How did you come to narrate romantic novels?

I had always wanted to get into voice acting and was a lover of romance audiobooks already. It’s one of my favorite genres as a reader and listener and even still as I started narrating. 

2 – Have you narrated books from different genres?

Definitely!  I love nonfiction, YA, and I’ve recently started narrating more thrillers. 

3 – What was the most fun \ easy book you narrated?

I couldn’t possibly pick!  Romantic comedy are what I’m most frequently cast in so I would say that is the easiest for me.

4 – What was the most difficult book \ character you narrated and why?

I’ve only done 2 horror books and they were the hardest because I’m super afraid of horror books and movies!  It was a good learning experience for sure. 

5 – What are the preparations you make before each project? Do you read the whole book in advance? Do you rehearse out loud before the recording itself? or maybe something else?

I do read each book beforehand for preparation.  If I don’t know what’s coming, mistakes can easily happen (like a character revealing an accent in the 2nd to last chapter!  This has happened before).  I don’t read the whole thing aloud before performing as it would take too long.  But I like to create character breakdowns and understand who especially the main characters are before starting. 

6 – Is there a genre \ book \ character that you won’t agree to narrate? If so – why?

I’m pretty open to narrating just about anything.  The only thing I would say no to is books that glamorize no consent/rape in a story.  It would depend on the context and I’d need to know that in advance before I agreed to take the book. 

Also as far as character, accurate representation is really important to me.  I would not play a main character whose ethnicity is not represented by myself, especially as an ethnic minority.  If I couldn’t be cast as that character in a movie or TV show, I should not be playing them in an audiobook.

7 – How long does it take you to record an entire book?

It depends on the book.  A very research heavy nonfiction will take longer than a young adult book overall.  On average it takes me about 2 hours to record 1 finished hour of audio.  This does not include any of the prep time. 

8 – Are you working on more than one book at a time?

Yes!  I’m usually prepping one, recording another, and waiting for pickups for ones that I’ve already finished.  

9 – What is the genre you like to read in your free time?

I’m a huge fan of self help and non-fiction. That tends to be my go to since I read a lot of romance for recording. 

10 – Is there a writer you particularly like? To read or to work with

So many!  I couldn’t pick just one.  The first contemporary romance I ever read was Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren so that will always have a special place in my reading history. 

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About the narrator

Kelsey Navarro, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Started acting October 2017

I’m Kelsey Navarro, proud SAG-AFTRA Professional Audiobook Narrator.  I have a Neutral North American English Voice with a bright, professional sound.  My vocal age range spans from teen to millennial to middle-aged with ease. My favorite genres to work in are romance/erotica, non-fiction/self help, and mystery, but I’m happy to work in all genres.

I’ve worked directly with some wonderful authors, as well as publishers like Audible Studios, Dreamscape, Hachette UK, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, Tantor, and more. I have a friendly, genuine, conversational tone that will bring a little sunshine to your story!

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