Interview with narrator Erin Mallon

With Yael Waknin

Questions for narrator Erin Mallon

1 – How did you come to narrate romantic novels?

I spent many years onstage as an actor and working on TV and radio voice over spots. I loved the work I got to do in the theater and in the recording studio and thought, “how wonderful would it be to combine all that character work and training behind the microphone in audiobooks?” So I pursued it pretty relentlessly: took narration workshops, studied with producers, got coaching, cut demos etc. The first book I ever recorded was Young Adult. The secod was Erotica. Soon after that Romance kept getting sent my way and I really loved working in that world. 550 books later, here we are!

2 – Have you narrated books from different genres?

Yes, lots! Thrillers, Memoirs, Young Adult, Non Fiction…

3 – What was the most fun \ easy book you narrated?

Impossible to choose! I’m lucky to narrate a lot of amazing Rom Coms. There’s nothing like a well-written romantic comedy that is funny and sexy. Books like that make my job such a joy.

4 – What was the most difficult book \ character you narrated and why?

I narrated a book once where the main character lost her child to an illness and she had to make the decision to take her off life support. I had just become a mother myself and I was a mess working on that story.

 5 – What are the preparations you make before each project? Do you read the whole book in advance? Do you rehearse out loud before the recording itself? or maybe something else?

I always read the book first – though it’s a quick read. I’m looking for all the information the author gives me on the characters’ views on the world (and on each other), any big emotional shifts, and hints/clues about how people’s voices may sound. With audiobook narration being such a longform medium  there isn’t time for rehearsal per se, but you do want to make sure you’ve uncovered all the words you don’t know how to pronounce or don’t understand ahead of time so you’re confident and productive once you’re rolling.  

6 – Is there a genre \ book \ character that you won’t agree to narrate? If so – why?

When it comes to Romance books, it’s important to me that everyone is of age, everyone is consenting, and the woman is empowered. For any book I work on – no matter the genre –  I always want to be sure that the messages going out are ones that I am relatively in alignment with. If there are political views or discriminatory beliefs that come through in the text I will absolutely pass.  

7 – How long does it take you to record an entire book?

Usually about double the time of the finished product.

8 – Are you working on more than one book at a time?

Always! Most days I am recording one book during “studio time” and prepping the next book during my “off time.”

9 – What is the genre you like to read in your free time?

When I’m not working I read mostly Nonfiction! As a writer myself, I’m often reading books on marketing and bettering my craft. I also love a good memoir.

10 – Is there a writer you particularly like? To read or to work with.

Gosh, so many! Here’s a short list: Jana Aston, Lauren Blakely, Amy Daws, Helena Hunting, Whitney G, Abby Jimenez, Julia Kent… I could go on and on!


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Erin Mallon_photo credit Amil Dave, Audible Studios

About the narrator

ERIN MALLON is a playwright, author, and narrator of over 550 audiobooks with a special affinity for the romance genre. She is a six-time Earphones Award Winner and a five-time Audie Award Nominee. Her audio play These Walls Can Talk is a 2021 Independent Audiobook Award Winner for Humor. The Natural History Series is Erin’s debut trio of romantic comedy novels: Flirtasaurus,(July 2020) Lovebug, (February 2021) and Sharkbait (coming Fall 2021)

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