Interview with author Saxon James

With Yael Waknin
Interview with author Saxon James

Questions for author Saxon James

1 – Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Always. Some of my first memories are of me “writing” books and creating stories. I was the kid who got into trouble for reading too much, and all through high school instead of doing my homework, my friends and I wrote books together.

2 – When you start a book series – do you know the couples who will appear in the following books? Do you know what the plot will be?

Most of the time, yes. Both Just Friends and Frat Wars were meant to be stand alones, but the more I wrote, the more the side characters kept trying to get my attention. Other times, like with Divorced Men’s Club books, I know the main characters and a very basic story premise.

3 – Did you write a book and decide not to publish it?

I have! At the moment I have five books that will likely never see the light of day.

5 – By what do you choose a cover for a book?

Usually I’m just looking for a cover model who will match my characters. My designer does the rest.

6 – Where did you get the inspiration for the stories?

I usually start with the characters and go from there. Sometimes the characters will have their stories fully formed, other times I’ll have to work to get it out of them. I’m not sure where their specific stories come from.

7 – Who is your favorite couple you wrote about?

Ooooh making me pick from my babies? **Nervously glances at the characters watching me** Can I pretend this question wasn’t asked?

(Also, it’s totally my YA couple, Brooks and Darien) **runs**

8 – How long does it take you to write one book?

For a co-write, it can range anywhere from 2-6 weeks. For a solo book, it can be anywhere from 4-8 weeks. It depends if I’m editing another book at the same time, or if I have a plot issue I need to fix.

If everything goes well, I can usually manage a chapter a day, so can draft a book in around a month.

9 – What is your favorite genre to read?

MM romance and queer YA.

10 – If you could turn one of your books into a movie – which book would you choose?

I feel like Frat Wars: King of Thieves would be the most fun.

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Yael Waknin
Yael Waknin
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Interview with author Saxon James

About the author

Saxon James writes MM romance about two dumb fools finding their dumber half.

 Her books include banter, snark, and schmoopy love, along with queer identities that span the rainbow. From New Adult to later in life, her guys have got you covered.

When not writing, Saxon can be found feeding her caffeine addiction and wrangling little monsters—uh, children.

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