Interview with author Mia Sivan

With Yael Waknin

Questions for author Mia Sivan

1 – Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always written. I tried to publish a Sci-fi short story when I was fourteen (in the Fantasia 2000 periodical. They didn’t print it.) But as I was always also very pragmatic, I ended up choosing a profession which would pay the bills. I liked it well enough to pursue it for three decades.

2 – When you start a book series – do you know the couples who will appear in the following books? Do you know what the plot will be?

I have one book series, and I knew the female leads from the start, but I don’t know the male leads.

3 – Did you write a book and decide not to publish it?

Yes. It was crap.

4 – Why did you decide to write in English and not Hebrew, your native language?  

Although Hebrew is my mother’s tongue , I graduated from an American high school.

5 – Is there a topic you will never write about? If so, what is it?

I don’t like reading about rape, so I won’t write about it. 

6 – By what do you choose a cover for a book?

I have no clue as to covers. I have a great cover artist and I tell her about the characters , what they’re like, how they look, and she does her magic.

7 – Where did you get the inspiration for the stories?

I always have a B plot for my books – a financial scam that happens. My heroes discover it and work together to resolve it. I use real life scams that happened in israel. As for the romance – I decide what’s going to suit my heroine the best and write around it. 

8 – Who is your favorite couple you wrote about?

Can’t choose.

9 – How long does it take you to write one book?

Too long. It took me a year to write each of my books. I need to shorten this time period. I’d like to have two books out a year. 

10 – What is your favorite genre to read?

Romance, thrillers, and whodunits.  

11 – If you could turn one of your books into a movie – which book would you choose?

Analysing her Assets has family drama, two strong protagonists, and puppies. So I think it would make a cute romantic comedy.

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About the author

Mia Sivan is a former professional investor turned author, who is bringing readers into the fast-paced financial world of Tel Aviv through her steamy contemporary romances. Using real financial scandals to frame her works, her stories center on smart women and the men who are strong enough to be worthy of them. Growing up on a kibbutz, Mia has lived in South America and London before settling in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she currently resides with her husband and three children. Inspired by fellow authors such as Helen Hoang and Talia Hibbert, she decided to turn her hand to writing sexy romances after previously honing her writing skills on a food blog.

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