Interview with author Amy Harmon

With Yael Waknin
Interview with author Amy Harmon

Questions to author Amy Harmon

1 – Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes – it has always been my gift and my favorite creative outlet. I have been writing to express myself all my life, but didn’t actually write my first, full-length novel until I was in my thirties.  

2 – When you start a series of books – do you know in advance who the couples who will appear in the following books will be? Do you know what the plot will be?

Yes, I know my main characters quite well in advance and I have a fairly good idea of plot, but there are always surprises.

3 – Did you write a book and decide not to publish it?

I have no unfinished manuscripts (except the one I am currently working on) and no unpublished manuscripts. I have learned to finish what I start when it comes to writing.

4 – Is there a topic you will never write about? If so, what is it?

I’m not sure. I have deep respect and reverence for spiritual things, so I can’t imagine writing something that would leave darkness in its wake. I want to make the world brighter and more hopeful, so it is what I tend to focus on.

5 – By what do you choose a cover for a book?

My publishers choose the covers, but if I am lucky I get to add my input.

6 – Where did you get the inspiration for the stories? 

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I try to write about things that grip me and don’t let go. The ideas that stick and grow in me. If I am not passionate about a story, I can’t imagine writing it.

7 – Who is your favorite couple you wrote about? 

I don’t have a favorite. Each book is too personal and each book has taken so much effort. I fall in love with my characters and choosing would feel like a betrayal.

8 – How long does it take you to write one book?

It depends, but I usually need at least six months.

9 – What is your favorite genre to read?

I love historical fiction, but I also love fantasy, which is probably why I have chosen to write both genres.

10 – Who are your favorite writers? 

I like different writers for different reasons. Some have great wisdom. Some have great imaginations. Some are extremely clever. I tend to still love the writers I grew up reading the very most, writers like LM Montgomery, Beverly Clearly, Judy Blume and Louis L’Amour. But I also love Dean Koontz and Paullina Simons and CS Lewis. The list is long.  

11- If you could turn one of your books into a movie – which book would you choose?

I would love to see What the Wind Knows on the screen. What a glorious thing that would be!

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Yael Waknin
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Interview with author Amy Harmon

About the author

Amy Harmon is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Times bestselling author. Her books have been published in more than two dozen languages around the globe. Amy has written eighteen novels, including the USA Today bestseller Making Faces. Her historical novel From Sand and Ash was the Whitney Award–winning Novel of the Year in 2016. Her novel What the Wind Knows topped the Amazon charts for thirteen weeks and was on the top 100 bestsellers chart for six months. Her novel A Different Blue is a New York Times bestseller, and her USA Today bestselling fantasy The Bird and the Sword was a Goodreads Best Book of 2016 finalist. For updates on upcoming book releases, author posts, and more, join Amy at

I am 47 years old. I didn’t start publishing until I was in my late thirties. I have 4 children and live in a quiet town in the Western United States. We have cows and mountains in our back yard. I love music, art, and philosophy, and love to listen to wise people converse, so I’m constantly in search of good podcasts.

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