Her Valentine Surprise – Ayla Asher

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Her Valentine Surprise – Ayla Asher


Joy Paulson is fine being single. In fact, it saves her from the maddening dating rituals in Manhattan. If she ever settles down, it will be with someone she truly loves and trusts. That’s why she turns down her super-hot boss when he asks her out, leading to disaster when he retaliates, forcing her termination.

Sam Davidson has pined for Joy since the first time he saw her sweet smile and stunning eyes. But there’s a secret that the shy IT developer holds deep inside: Sam is still a virgin. At twenty-nine, he never intended it to happen, but accepts that he could never please Joy in all the ways she deserves.

Sam can offer her a job, though, and proceeds to help Joy rebuild her life after the unfair firing. As their work relationship grows, Joy is taken with Sam’s kindness, gorgeous crystal-hazel eyes and generous smile. And his hands…oh, his firm, broad hands…

Joy can’t figure out why Sam resists the desire that sparks so vividly between them, but Valentine’s Day is coming and she’s determined to seduce him and make them both burn. Even if it means discovering all his secrets…

Inexperienced hero trope-lovers unite! This is a fun, fast-paced, steamy novella from an author who wanted to flip the script and write about a sweet, sexy, inexperienced male main character. Sam is so adorably sensual and endearing, he might just melt your heart. Here’s wishing you a fantastic Valentine’s Day all year round

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Her Valentine Surprise – Ayla Asher

My review

From the short text, the author wrote she wanted to make a slightly different novel than usual, and this time decided to let the 29-year-old guy be the virgin – I knew this book would be different.

Sam was such a sweet guy! He was so charming, sensitive, human, intelligent, and unique – Book boyfriend all the way!

He’s been in love with Joy for two years but never got the courage to make a move because there was no way he can tell her he is a virgin.

Joy – A smart girl with a bit of a crush on her boss, Drake, until he decided to fire her because she refused to go out with him.

Sam and Joy’s friendly relationship started in a light and pleasant way. She thought he was cute (after all, they worked together and were a little friendly). And she thought Sam looked good.

Joy was fired from her job, and Sam, who worked at the same company, offered her to work with him as a partner in a freelance business he plans to set up in the IT field – so they got to know each other more deeply and of course, get closer in their friendship.

So, what’s beautiful about a story like this where the man and woman know each other on a personal level and are attracted to each other as they get to know each other more – it’s charming. It feels real. It feels like we, the readers, are falling in love with them, slowly and surely.

Sam has made this story special to me. I have not read many books in which the man is the virgin, inexperienced, shy, and it was a refreshing change. This story was so remarkable and so full of emotion that it became one of my favorites.

It’s short, sweet, fun, authentic, captivating, and completely exciting.

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