Hearts Reclaimed – Ayla Asher

Reviews by Yael Waknin


Two weary souls find each other against all odds…

Ashlyn Rivers left her cheating fiancé behind and moved to Ardor Creek to revamp her life. Done with men in general, she has plenty to focus on, like building her new business and renovating her house for the local haunted homes tour. Falling in love is definitely not on the agenda.

Scott Grillo lost his family in a tragic accident several years ago. Still processing the loss, he throws himself into his contracting business, pushing away the loneliness and heartache.

When Ashlyn blazes into Scott’s life, he turns down her request to renovate her house, vowing to squelch the desire she stirs deep inside. But Ashlyn is a force to be reckoned with and Scott finds himself longing for her embrace each day she remains in Ardor Creek.

Can these two disillusioned souls reclaim their hearts and choose to love again

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My review

I started this book after reading another series by the author – Manhattan Holiday Loves, and I really liked it. She writes relatively short books with mature characters (for a change), and she brings events from everyday life and develops them delicately and beautifully.

This book is the first in the series – Ardor Creek

It’s about Ashley coming from New York to Ardor Creek. She inherited her recently deceased grandmother’s house, and after catching her fiancée with someone else, she decided to move there to get away from it all.

Scott lives in this small town (which I really would like to live in!!). Scott lost his wife, daughter in a car accident, and it greatly affected him.

Ashlyn needs Scott to help her renovate her grandmother’s house; even though Scott refuses – she does not give up.

So as you will discover throughout the series, the writer brings us characters who face real and human difficulties.

Scott may have lost his family, but his best friends – Peter, Carrie, Mark, and Chad, wrap him in friendship and understanding as much as possible.

(The stories about Peter, Carrie, Mark, and Chad – read in the following books)

Ashlyn and Scott’s connection starts well – who does not like the grumpy guy who denies the power that the smiling girl has on him 😊

Their attraction and their relationship are beautifully constructed. Not too slow and not too fast. Even the “surrender” to the physical connection doesn’t get complicated to a dragging level, which is special about Ayla’s books.

This book takes place for several months (even a year if I am not mistaken), so you will not find a 24 hours love story here. There is a beautiful and real development here.

Like this book, the rest of this writer’s books are short but sum up all the emotions in a good, fun, and passionate way.

I highly recommend this book and this series in general to anyone who wants to meet good friends in their forties who find their good place and their happiness and wealth and still maintain good friendships and a special bond.

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