Good Vibrations – Kayley Loring

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A former model, a grumpy lawyer, and a single dad walk into an audition for a children’s musical… They’re all Miles Brodie. It’s only cute if you aren’t the director who’s being bribed to cast his daughter.


Re: Our discussion

  1. True. Casting my daughter as the lead in your musical could be considered bribery if people find out I’m investing in it, but no one needs to know.
  2. I only want to hire you as Macy’s singing coach so her vocal skills will improve.
  3. Maybe if you’d spent less time surfing and more on your singing career, you wouldn’t be in this financial predicament.
  4. Re. your living situation—my neighbor has a guest house. If you cast Macy as Alice, I will pay for your first three months’ rent.

Do we have a deal?

Best regards,

Miles Brodie


  1. It absolutely is bribery, but I absolutely need that money for my production. Thanks!
  2. It is very cute that you will do anything to get Macy this part, but I would only coach that sweet child as a favor to all mammals with functional hearing.
  3. If I spend less time surfing, will you spend less time jogging on my beach with your shirt off?
  4. You want to pay me to live next door so you don’t have to drive anywhere to frown at me?
  5. I have another condition for casting Macy as Alice—you have to perform the part of the Cheshire Cat.



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My review

I feel like I’ve said so much but not enough about Kayley’s books.

When I read Funny Business and Miles appeared I had a feeling he would be one of those that goes straight into my heart. Then, in Attachment Theory he gave us a little something from him and that was so meaningful it kept me waiting (im)patiently for his story.

It’s not easy for me to describe what I’m feeling and thinking especially when it’s a second language to me but I’m going to do my best to explain how this book affected me.

This book was so funny with witty dialogues and hilarious group text convos that I laughed and smiled and really I enjoyed everything in it.

I think Kayley’s humor is a treasure. And I also think that Kayley took out her guns when she wrote those spicy scenes!

Add that to the beautiful couple with so much love and honesty that took my breath away and mix that with a little girl that all she wants is to sing and it doesn’t matter she doesn’t know how

Miles is the best thing that happened to the Brodie Brothers – especially with those sad brown eyes. He’s a devoted father and a good brother and son. He is loyal and reliable, and he is also a fixer. Kind of.

What Miles Brodie isn’t? He isn’t complete.

And then he meets Aria.

Sometimes I love the inner monologues so much because it’s the whole truth and the most important moments we, the readers, have with that character and Miles’s brain was the first thing that entered my heart.

Aria is a talented actress\singer\director and a genuinely nice and happy person that makes her dreams come true no matter what people think or say. She also likes to surf and relax whenever she can.

What Aria isn’t? She isn’t a quitter and when she knows what she wants – she WILL get it.

Aria’s courage and willingness is a power we all wish we have. 

Wow this book. Just wow!

The incredible chemistry Miles and Aria had was so powerful and so sweet my heart exploded with so many emotions.

When you read a book and you laugh hysterically while getting emotional and also “HOT” you know you found the perfect book.

Just know that the whole Brodie gang and their significant other + The lazy wingman and Grandma Todd is here with memorable moments that will warm your heart and put happy tears in your eyes.

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