Goal Lines & First Times – Eden Finley, Saxon James

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It turns out making out with my best friend in high school could be considered gay. Who knew? Apparently, everyone but me.

Now that it’s been pointed out, I can’t help reliving it in my head. Repeatedly. Goodbye Denial Town, hello Confusionville.

When my path leads me down the gay dating app route, I don’t expect to meet anyone I like, but then I meet him.

He can’t be more opposite than me. He’s smart, he hates hockey, and he identifies as demi—something I’ve never heard of.

Yet I can’t deny something’s there. Something I want to explore in person. If only I could get him to agree.



All my life, I’ve felt broken.

Sick of being asked if I could be gay by ex-girlfriends, friends, and even my parents, I join a gay dating app to prove a point.

I don’t expect to find what’s always been missing. A real connection.

The problem is, I’m too scared to meet him in person. He’s a hockey player, and I fear when he finds out my twin plays for the NHL, I’ll be overshadowed by my overachieving brother. Again.

Worse yet, what happens if we meet and that connection isn’t the same?

When I tell him I’m not ready, he’s disappointed but supportive. Fate, on the other hand, isn’t as accepting.

I had no idea the person I’ve been falling for is someone I already know

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My review

This is the third book in the CU Hockey series, and I can’t believe the authors still manage to surprise me!

I mean, three MM books in a row in the same series, and each book had its own uniqueness!

Each character deals with a different identity and different circumstances.

Each character finds themselves after not knowing what to look for.

Cohen and Seth were so special to me!

They discovered the diversity of sexualities, and it was really interesting!

I’ve always loved slow burn books, but this book was a different slow burn; it was super steamy slow burn! How? I don’t know! But it was AMAZING!

They had chemistry between them without seeing each other! I think their relationship became special because of the way it started.

They were honest from the start, and it was so HOT!

I loved seeing how Foster and Zach (The couple from the first book) are doing; I enjoyed reading about Beck’s craziness again.

I don’t know what I’ll find in the next book, but I am way too eager to start!


Book 1 – Power Plays & Straight A’s

Book 2 – Face Offs & Cheap Shots

Book 3 – Goal Lines & First Times

Book 4 – Line Mates & Study Dates

Book 5 – Puck Drills & Quick Thrills

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