For Heaven’s Sake – J. Preston

Reviews by Yael Waknin


From the author of FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH comes a brand-new enemies to lovers romantic comedy about a heroine who needs a fake date stat! The only man at her disposal is the one man she despises the most. Forced proximity, undeniable chemistry, and hilarity.

A destination wedding. A best man who could be Lucifer himself. A week of pretending. This can only mean one thing. Disaster.

Reagan Kennedy needs a date for her brother’s wedding — stat! — or her matchmaking great aunt will set her up with yet another orthodontist. A week of pulling her hair out of boredom? No, thank you.

What’s a girl to do but get a pretend boyfriend? Except, the guy in question is public enemy number one, the guy who made her break girl code seven years ago.

Jason Cowley would do anything to get his best friend’s geriatric great aunt to stop groping his package at every turn. Anything.

When an opportunity arises to fake a relationship with the hellion’s great niece, he’s determined to secure the deal. Especially since he’s harbored feelings for her all these years.

When the unlikely pair joins forces in convincing their families they’re together, everything combusts.

Not only do their separate rooms turn into a newlyweds’ cottage, but with secrets piling up, and sparks flying their fragile ceasefire is in danger.

For Reagan, with every moment she spends with the devil incarnate, it becomes clear there’s more to him than meets the eye.

When a fake relationship stirs real feelings, will they let the past keep them apart, or give in to their hearts?

And when fake turns into real, will they listen to their hearts?

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My review

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

 Ok, I have to start by saying – wow! That was an emotional ride!

I felt like I’d read a real-life story! Everything was so flowing and interesting.

It was funny, it had drama, it was exciting, it was emotional yet still fitting for the light-hearted book lovers and of course, there was a huge and amazing LOVE!

 Jason is the sweetest thing ever! I mean I thought he wasn’t so appealing in the first book of the series but in this book, I fall in love with him. He was an angel!

He was such a deep person! He was strong emotionally but also very sensitive!

He was everything! I love him! He is special and sweet, and you really don’t get many H like that.

Ray, Reagan, I will say that at first, I didn’t understand her.

I didn’t know what her motives was to act the way she did but as the book progressed, I’ve discovered something that instantly made me admire her.

She went through something a little similar to what I went through, and she was brave, she was strong, and even though it took her time to get to be at peace with everything, the way was important and only made me like her more!

 When you change your mind for the better about a character after getting to know her or him, you know that the author took you on a journey and you enjoyed the ride!

 I loved that the author took two of my favorite tropes (enemies to lovers and fake relationship) and play with it differently! I won’t say what she did but it definitely added to the story! It gave it uniqueness.

All the characters from former books made an appearance of course and I loved it!

Be ready for an emotional yet happy and sweet ride with this book! READ IT!!  

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