Dash: Rushing the Play – Kayley Loring & Connor Crais

Reviews by Yael Waknin


#99 Dash Taylor. Rookie defensive end for the Boston Tomcats. 285 pounds of fast-twitch muscle. Nickname: Big D.

I’ve been sacking quarterbacks since junior high and causing trouble since I was born.

My college coach thinks I have a bad attitude, so he makes me take ballet lessons as punishment. If I don’t turn things around on the field next season, he’ll bench me. I have no idea what ballet has to do with football, but it turns out the real punishment is that the beautiful dance teacher refuses to get involved with me.

Two years later, we cross paths again, and it’s not the other team’s offensive line who brings me to my knees—it’s a hundred-pound ballerina.

She doesn’t think I’m boyfriend material, and I used to think that too.

I’ve been a beast on the field and in the bedroom, but now I’m going to prove that I can be a man for her…and for our surprise baby.

I thought I was all about the smash and dash.

But getting Charlie Bardot pregnant changed everything.

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My review

The beauty and the beast is out – The ballerina and the beast is in!

You know the time you’re reading and you finding yourself leaning towards the book because you’re so engrossed in it?

You know the time you’re reading and you suddenly find yourself with your hand over your heart and you’re going awww OUT LOUD!!

That’s what I had with this book.

But not ONLY that!

This book literally gave me all the feels!

I was reading one chapter and my heart was beating faster and I was hot… THE CHAPTER WAS HOT, than the next chapter my heart exploded with warmth and happiness and I felt calm.

Dash FREAKING Taylor is the book boyfriend I need. He is the only book boyfriend I need from now on! Dash Taylor is perfection wrapped up in a falafel!!

After you’ll meet Dash (but be aware he’s totally mine) Taylor you’ll won’t need any other book boyfriend in your life.  Oh, and he had some qualities my husband has so…

Charlie Bardot stole my heart and my brain in the first 3 sentences she spoke. Charlie is the most toughest, strongest, industrious woman and I admire the hell out of her!

I also loved every single thing of knowing her before she got pregnant, while she was pregnant and after that because she really was a magnificent thing throughout this book.

Dash and Charlie together was my happy place!

No matter what they did together (No, not just… Although the level of steaminess in this book went up a notch ) I wanted more!

I wanted more Dash and more Charlie and I absolutely wanted more Darlie!

You all know how much I loved Decker (the first book in the series) but Dash TOTALLY took that place without even blinking!

The collaboration between Kayley and Connor is something I didn’t know I needed and now I just can’t live without

I can’t wait for the third D in the series…

Click here for the interview with Kayley and Connor

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