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He’s her patient. She’s his doctor. They shouldn’t. But God, do they want to.

Camden Harris, the famously hot, hulk of a footballer is laid up in a London hospital. But his busted knee doesn’t stop him from running his well-practiced game on Indie Porter—his redheaded spitfire of a doctor. She’s not his type, not even close. But she could be the perfect distraction from the soul-crushing damage this injury could cost him.

Indie’s tired of her naivety putting a target on her back. As a gifted child, she’s let her education take the front seat her whole life. But a fling with a footballer like Camden might be just what she needs to grab life by the balls.

And he could be the perfect guy for the plan she’s been sitting on for over two years.

But when feelings make a final play, there’s no amount of medicine that can heal the damage to their hearts

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My review

Camden, the football player (and we all know their type – models, anyone?), was injured while playing and rushed to the hospital where Indie works.

Indie, a second-year doctor who tries to be the best she can be at work, proves herself and shows that she is committed to her job even though she is 24 years old. With bright red curls and glasses that she puts on according to moods or style. 

She does not let anything distract her from the goal she is aiming for, and even if she thinks of a blessed minor distraction, she remains true to her ultimate goal and what she knows.

Her past is cold and alienated, and it is evident to her that she is also cold and doesn’t have much problem with it, and yes, even when Camden arrives. Yes, there were sparks, and yes, there was also feeling, but Indie doesn’t dwell on it too much. She stays true to herself. The problem is that the more she gets to knows him, the more she tries to figure out if she has known herself at all.

Camden, I was expecting an Egomaniac, as we know with every book in the genre. I expected him to fall in love, deny it and run away as far as he can, again, almost as any man in the genre. He proved me wrong. Yes, he’s a real player, he knows how to conquer girls and knows that he’s not looking for love or intimacy, but Camden has another side of him he knows and welcomes. A side that is not just football and girls. A side of intellect and writing that is very much in line with his true self.

Indie’s lonely background versus Camden’s happy family background seemed incompatible that neither could understand the other. At the same time, they both spoke the same language—a language with many excellent puns that have given even one more small layer to the book.

And what I liked about the book (and I hope there is no spoiler here) is that when Camden understands that something has changed inside him, he didn’t want to play games (No pun intended :)). It was so simple. Honest. And real.

So, of course, I will move on to the next book in the series – Endurance – and I hope it will be another well-written light-hearted book.

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