Beautiful Sinner – Sara Cate

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Beautiful Sinner - Sara Cate



Lord, help me…

A beautiful, young American girl wound up stranded far from home on my doorstep.

When she begged me to stay, I did what a good priest would do, and I said yes.

But a good priest wouldn’t spend his days thinking about the fullness of her ruby red lips or feel the sting of envy with the way she draws men to her like flies to honey.

A good priest would have stopped things before that first touch. And he certainly wouldn’t have given into temptation so easily, but Cadence Thorn walked in and brought me to my knees.

A good priest doesn’t break his vows.

But I am not a good priest

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Beautiful Sinner - Sara Cate

My review

This book is the first one of Sara Cate’s books I’ve read. I love taboo books, but I do have certain limits, and according to the synopsis, this book looked very interesting.

After I finished this book, I read more books by the author because this book was just great!

Age-gap book with 20-year difference between the characters and not only that, the hero is an Irish priest!

Throughout the book, there is much more emphasis on the hero being a priest than the gap. It’s not bad, because after all, it is a priest that is much more “forbidden” and taboo than an age gap. On the other hand, it’s a shame that the author didn’t give it more weight because it is a double taboo book – age difference and the fact that he is a priest.

Cadence – I am not sure about her. On the one hand, she makes sense and knows what her weaknesses are and what her strengths are – for example; she knows she keeps “falling in love” and gets into bed with men. She is also aware that this is not something positive. At the same time, after thinking it over, I realized that it’s not fair that it has become a “negative thing” for her; after all, in most of our books, the heroes are the one who sleeps with anyone who has legs, and that’s fine because he’s a player who hasn’t yet found the on. But in this book, Because she’s a girl who behaves like that, it seems like it’s wrong and illogical (even the reactions to the book indicated that she’s easy), and from the writing, it sometimes seems like the writer wanted us to think that way negatively.

Despite everything and perhaps thanks to everything, the book was an excellent taboo that really swept me away. During the reading, you can really feel the emotions and upheavals of the characters. One can identify with Colum, the Irish priest who wanted a quiet life and was not ready for a storm called Cadence.

The forbidden longing is conveyed so beautifully in the book. Colum’s desire for her and the self-flagellation. Cadence’s desire for him and the realization that she fell in love with the wrong man this time.

Colum’s character was excellent. He was tough. He was a little cruel at times, and he was a man whose life was turned upside down.

Cadence was a bit dramatic, but it’s not that bad because who wasn’t dramatic at 24? The age where we are no longer girls, but we still do not feel like real women.

I loved the forbidden in this book. I loved the sub-characters (Cadence’s sister, Sonny, is also married to a man older than her – their story appears in the previous book – Beautiful Monster).

I could not like Cadence’s mother. Because I knew her in the previous book where she was terrible, and her performance in this book was admittedly a little better, I still could not believe her 100%.

Anyone who loves a taboo romance full of emotions – I highly recommend it!

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