All The White Lies We Tell – Garry Michael

Reviews by Yael Waknin


After missing out on the chance to represent the United States in the last winter games, Isaac McAllister’s focus was second to none. He spent the past few years away from his family training for this moment. He had a dream, a dream that only came every four years and he would do anything he could to make it happen. Even if it meant breaking hearts along the way. Olympic gold was the prize, love would just have to wait.

Canadian Foster Donovan had it all. Money, fame, and good looks. But what his peers truly envied was his natural talent on the slopes. Two-time world champion and defending Olympic gold medalist, Foster would do anything to defend his status as the best of his generation and join the ranks of the greatest alpine skiers. Even if it meant crushing the dreams of the only man he’d ever loved.

What would Foster and Isaac do when the price of their ambition became a heartache for the other?

A dream four years in the making. Two countries. Two men. One Olympic gold medal. All The White Lies We Tell is a story about rivals turned lovers vying for the same glory.

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My review

I’ve been meaning to read this book for some time now, and I finally had a chance to do it, and OH MY GOD what have I been waiting for??

It’s my first book by this author, and I am totally HOOKED! 😍

This book was so full of emotions I just couldn’t let it go.

How can I? I’m so in love with those two adorable Olympian players, Issac and Foster; all I want is to live with them! Can someone please ask them to adopt me? PLEASE!

Issac wasn’t what I thought he would be at the beginning; he was a total surprise.

And you know what?

So was Foster!

They both gave me something I didn’t expect- and it was so many emotions! I felt sad and happy; I was afraid for each of them, and I felt the rush of the race and the high of the win. I was understanding, I was also mad (ON THEIR FEHAF), and the most important thing, I felt so much love that I never expected to feel because I wasn’t expecting to dive into their souls like this. To get a piece of their heart.

It just made this story so much more special because – They started as something else, and they evolved and grew right in front of my eyes and became an even better version of themselves; it was simply amazing!

 I just recently started reading more angsty books (I’ve read non-low angst), and this one (for me at least) counts as a medium angst book, and I FREAKING LOVED every minute of it!

The writing, the characters, the plot, the sport, the spice, OH GOD, the spice, and all the feelings this book gave me – I REALLY WANT TO ERASE MY BRAIN AND READ THIS STORY AGAIN!

This is definitely, undoubtedly a MUST-read book!

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