A Very Friendly Valentine’s Day – Kayley Loring

Reviews by Yael Waknin


EDDIE: Cancel your dinky little roomette on the train. I’m booking us two of the big bedroom suites.

BIRDIE: I’ll cancel it AFTER you’ve booked the other sleeper rooms. And reimburse you.

EDDIE: Don’t worry about it. Just cancel your tickets. I got this. Round trip. I’m on the Amtrak website right now.

BIRDIE: You don’t have to leave NYC when I do! You’ll hardly be able to spend any time with your Instagram girlfriend that you’ve never met!

EDDIE: It’s fine. She’ll be fine with it. Cancel your tickets.

BIRDIE: You aren’t going to stop texting me until I’ve canceled them, are you?

EDDIE: Damn right I’m not. Just do it. You can thank me later.


EDDIE: Um. Did you cancel your tickets?

BIRDIE: Yes, Edward. I canceled them.

EDDIE: Okay, because it turns out they only had one Family Bedroom from LA to Chicago. But the good news is I booked it for us. It’s the biggest room they had. The bad news is I booked it for us. And it’s the only sleeper room they have left now.

EDDIE: In related news, there was also only one room left from Chicago to New York.

EDDIE: Hands up if you’re excited! *man raising hand emoji*

BIRDIE: I am so mad at you right now.


BIRDIE: I’ve compiled a list of ground rules re shared train bedroom. Check your email, please read carefully, and refer to it again on the ninth of February. Thank you.

EDDIE: *nerd face emoji* Received. I have some notes.

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My review

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a review of this book! I’ve read it and listened to the audiobook so many times, and it’s one of my favorite series!

I wrote this review months ago!

This is the second book in the series.

This is the story about Eddie, Declan’s brother, and Birdie, Eddies best friend from college.

Eddie is the most adorable character EVER! I mean WOW. His inner monologues won my heart. It was so fun to get to know him after he sounded superficial and maybe a little immature in the previous book.

I loved that the author made us think he is one thing (in the previous book), and then we saw something completely different in this book!

Eddie is a sweet guy who wants his best friend and, at the same time, doesn’t want to lose her.

Birdie is a character that is just easy to love! It is impossible not to love those nerds in the books. Their humor and their shyness – it’s lovely. Birdie brought something out of Eddie that was so beautiful! So natural and so damn sexy.

Eddie and Birdie’s are friends. Best friends. They know each other from college, and they highly value each other. They are also attracted to each other, but no one says, does, or speaks of it until they travel together by train for three days to New York. In the same room – the best plot ever!

It’s the kind of book that makes you happy while reading it, makes you smile and laugh, and feel mushy and warm in your heart.

It’s the best book to read when you want fun, witty banter between two friends that know each other so well it’s amazing!


And it’s the perfect Valentine’s day book with PERFECT HEA!

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