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A discussion about reading in print or digital is like discussing the taste of licorice – either you like a printed book, or you like the digital book – there is no middle ground.
But I’m here to tell you that this is not true, and it is a pity that the approach is very extreme here or there.
And I say this from the perspective of a former extremist (it sounds worse than it is).
In the past, I only read printed books. I loved the smell of the book; I loved holding the book in my hands, flipping through the pages, putting unique bookmarks, and of course, my most immense love – a library full of books! (Because there isn’t a books lover that didn’t see the scene in Beauty and the Beast where the beast shows her his vast library, and she starts to stutter with enthusiasm!).
My friends offered me to try digital … “Just try it!” – I don’t want to! “You don’t understand how convenient it is!” – I don’t want to understand! “You will never look back” – I will not look forward either! and of course, there were the extremists on the other side – “A printed book is uncomfortable!” – Only sometimes, but it’s worth it! “Advance with technology, leave the printed.” – But it’s A printed book, and it smells like books and love!
Okay, there were situations where I argued, but only because each of us was fixed in his belief – digital or printed.
Then came the corona various (imagine dramatic music in the background), and we were are all locked in our houses. Shops closed. I’m on my “maternity leave,” and after 18 months of a reading block, suddenly, my appetite for reading opened up.
But alas (I told you to imagine drama) the some of the books I have in my home library are books I’ve read and the others I’m not really in my mood for.
I was looking for the options of ordering through the popular book stores in Israel. Still, it was not as accessible as I had hoped (mostly because I live in a small town and not in a central city), and then a friend of mine offered to try reading a digital book through Amazon.
My initial reaction was – I do not want the digital book!
But my mind recovered pretty quickly, and of course, thanks to the fact that she told me – “Download the Kindle app and try a free book on Amazon. There are lots of free books from the genre on Amazon!”
Now, let’s be honest for a moment, I’m Romanian. The word “free book” lights up reflex I did not know existed. Without thinking twice, I downloaded the app, dug on Amazon, and found some free books to try to read in English through digital (article on the transition from reading in Hebrew to reading in English – here).
And I think the sentence “and since then everything history” fits perfectly! Because honestly, since then, everything is history.
And after I became addicted to the pleasure of reading digital books, I did not abandon the printed!
For example, when the book Luna and the Lie came out (I read it in English twice and fell in love with it), I had to buy it in Hebrew and see how it is in Hebrew – I immediately bought it in print and did not have the thought of purchase digital.
Because I still love the printed books. I still love my extensive library, and at the same time, I still read digital books as well.
Today, most of the books I read are digital because they are via Amazon, but I read books in print in Hebrew. Whether it’s a translated book and I want to see how the translation came out or whether it’s a book sent to me from authors for review purposes.
So, you see – the two worlds can fit together 😊

Yael Waknin
Yael Waknin
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