A Man Worth Shaving For – Michelle Pennington

Reviews by Yael Waknin


Our goodnight kiss should have been goodbye.

We meant it to be.

But Monday morning there was Logan Jennings, in my office, deciding the fate of the company I love…and my job.

I never should have said the things I said or let myself feel the things I felt because connections like this don’t just go away. Even when you desperately need them to.

In two weeks, he’ll be gone, and nothing will ever be the same.

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My review

I came across this book on Amazon as a free book, and after a considerable number of books in the romantic-steamy genre, I decided that I wanted a clean and funny book.

So, I thought it would be a light and nice book that would be fun to read, but the more I read the book, I realized that apart from the romantic story (a must – this is the genre), there is so much beyond!

Let’s start with the general story that was really beautiful – Tessa’s workplace (I wish there were such a place). Lingerie online store for all body types. Not just for models but also for overweight women, thin, tall, and so on. They think of all the options to make a woman feel comfortable in her skin and sexy attire.

It’s known that not everyone has a flat stomach, average height, and perfect curves, so a bikini or a sexy outfit is not easy to find. Think of all the books you’ve read and all the clothes and lingerie that described. It was always fit perfectly on the body of the perfect or “almost” perfect characters. And here, it wasn’t like that. This book opened a series of books about women who are far from perfect. One slightly overweight, one too tall, one too thin

Tessa is not thin. Not close to being thin. She’s even a bit curvier and rounder than “normal.” She loves her work and strongly believes in the products there, but she still doesn’t believe in herself. And when a handsome man arrives – Logan – the business consultant who comes to advise the company she works for – she knows she’s the last one to interest him. She is a girl with red hair and a wide body who likes to wear a T-shirt and jeans.

But Logan actually thinks otherwise.

The thing that bummed me in this book that I disagreed with is Tessa’s girlfriend, Maddie. Of course, the author gave us a supposedly good closure with her for the happy ending and the friendships between Tessa and Maddie, but I didn’t forget what she did.

So, we have a beautiful story, interesting characters, and unexpected. It’s a romance that bubbles without explicit sex descriptions. I would say we got moral, but it’s more than that.

It’s like a bit of an awakening slap in the face of the whole issue of body image.

The next book in the series – Oh, Keep Your Shirt On

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